What’s a “Pin”?

Da Pinz

A pin is basically a blog-post. Yeah, it’s that simple. These are summarized in a category called “Pins” and describe a specific location anywhere in the world.

However, there are a few things to hold in mind:

  • A location is always a specific dainty thing

Wrong: Look at that dainty area/city/country!
Right: Look at that dainty waterfall!

  • A location is not commonly known

Wrong: Look at that dainty Eiffel tower!
Right: Look at that old abandoned unknown rails in that random forest!

  • A location is always described verbally

It’s only posted with a maximum of two pictures. The rest of the spot is described with words, so that a reader gets inspired to physically visit this pin instead of checking out the pics of it.

  • The pictures are normally filled with a bit of me

As an evidence that one was there, the author should be in the picture and make some funny stuff (extra kudos for chicken suit), although this is not set in stone.

Who can post pins?

That’s the cool thing: everyone! I’ll ask for your pins from time to time to post them on the site (anonymously or not – as you wish).

Stay dainty =)

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