Went out stumping

You may not have heard of him, but Grizzly Jim is a celebrity among the (traditional) archery community. As such, he has the privilege to write for the “Bow International Magazine”. In the very last issue the topic was “stumping” as I noticed on Twitter. This inspired me to put on my roving points and do a little stumping! Thanks Jim!

Wife (left), bow and me

So I picked up my bow, removed my field points, screwed in the roving crown, placed my wife in the car and went on my way to a cosy little forest covering a mountain near my home.

You might now wonder what a “roving crown” is. Well, it’s a point for your arrow. Still you can’t say that it is a “common” tip whatsoever. It looks like a crown, hence the name, which tines are made of some sort of hard plastic stems. In the middle of them it has a actually “pointy” tip with dampers to absorb energy on impact. So, as you hit the target, the thing in the middle impacts first, the dampers absorb energy and the crone tines prevent penetration.

Roving crowns on two of my Easton Axis Traditional 400 in comparison with my standard field tip

While we are on the subject, the other big difference to my common setup is the fletching and overall design of my arrows. They have two shrinking tubes around the shaft in order to hold the feathers in place. Just in the same way as two reflective neon yellow rings. Of course for extra visibility in the woods. The extra cheesy colours are also adding to this factor. They are not really pretty or anything but are really good to find once shot into the dense forest.

Stumping arrows
The visual design (you also can see how wasted they are since always shot under rough circumstances :))
The common setup

Believe me or not, but the points and the visual design are the only differences when going stumping.

Our hike was plain wonderful. We headed 4 kilometres (about 2.5 miles) into the forest and on the same way back. We had a little snow and the temperature was fine for this time of the year. But long story short, here are the pictures:

Have fun out there and if you didn’t went out stumping yet, give it a try. It’s really a blast and one of my favourite forms of archery.

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