A Lofty Lake

I was super excited for our vacation on the Planneralm. It’s a piece of land in the Austrian alps where you can do archery all day long. Oh, and you can hike of course. You can hike up a mountain and find a stunning lofty lake 🙂 Here wo go: pinned in Austria!

So, what we did was nothing special. We drove to Austria and did archery things for two consecutive days and decided then to go for a hike. It’s obvious since there are tons of trails up there – beautiful trails! I convinced the others to go for the lake trail since I wanted to see whether Nessy was there or not. Not the real one of course – I’m talking about a 3D target I’ve seen in a youtube video of them.

The trail was not too hard but also not easy. After 1 hour straight up the mountain we arrived at our destination. Sorry, I need to loose a few words about the path. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. You see tons of different plants, animals, rocks and other things to discover. You pass small little creeks, springs, ponds, whatever while enjoying the fantastic view. It’s simply amazing, really!


The lake itself also doesn’t disappoint. It’s a small lake laying silently between huge hills. A big rock reaches out over the water while you can hear a waterfall from the distance. As clear as the water is as many fish you got to see. We put our feed in and some small ones began to nibble our toes. It was fun to rest on the big rocks laying beside the shore and hear nothing but nature. You’ve to go there to experience how peaceful it is!


The first dainty pin in Austria (I’ve some more :))! Check it out as “Pin 5”: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BLV1ps6AsqDIfg3N6h5ykFKvZQ4&usp=sharing

Stay dainty! =)

Btw … No Nessi for me :/

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