Salty scars

In the last couple of years I’ve recognized a stable increase of Slovenia’s popularity as a holiday destination. Perceived as an underdog about 7 years ago, it’s a full-blown tourist country now – well, you have to know that I hate such. But as much as I disagree with this development, I still have to say that this little piece of earth is one of the most beautiful and surprisingly versatile countries on our globe. If you ever follow my recommendation and visit Piran (google for it man *.*), you have to walk the coast towards East…

As you slowly get out of the city, you’ll recognize a strange-looking coast. It’s a shore looking like kind of an extremely long staircase. The waves crush onto it, wash out several levels of ground (sorry, don’t know more details :$) and leave back these rocky steps. It’s absolutely fascinating how the colour of the stone changes nearly from rung to rung. Some rocks are beige, some are bronze, a few just “stony” or others even dark brown.

Some of these steps are that large that you can call them a floor and that’s the actual thing I want to talk about. The stone on the ground has a lot of long cracks looking like veins. The differences is that the blood flowing through it just isn’t red – it scales from bronze to beige! So, what we have here is a beautiful “staircased” coast with different bigger levels pervaded by colourful cracks. I really have never seen something like this before.


I really can recommend Slovenia on a whole as a destination but if you ever go there make sure that you visit Piran. It’s a lovely little city and also has a pin now! (Pin 4 – 45.2831, 13.57433)

Stay dainty! =)

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