Finally Canyon Raider

I was busy practising for the start of the tournament season the last couple of days and have to admit that I’ve neglected my blog 😦 However, I’ve collected a lot of stuff and try to spread it in the next few days. We even have a pin from Slovenia! But at first we start of with the exploration of the canyon nearly right behind my house.

The woods on the edge of my village are pervaded by a small creek. Nothing special so far. The cool thing is that this little stream flows through a full-blown canyon! I wanted to explore this dainty thing since I moved in here. Two weeks ago I finally managed to convince my girl and we began to stroll.


The first few meters were pretty unspectacular and we’ve found a lot of litter (what a shame, we decided to get there once again and pick it up), but as we got in deeper it nearly took my breath about the sheer beauty of this piece of earth. The valley is surprisingly deep and absolute natural. You’ve to climb above, beneath and besides old and not so old strains, ledges look down at you, waterfalls trickle some water underneath the rocks you walk on and you may find various skeletons (even a cow O.o) as well as different mushrooms.

Wait, did I just say “underneath the rocks”? Yes, you got this right. You walk “on” an underground stream. The creek only shows up on the surface from time to time. However, we felt like it led less water than usual cause we had to climb down a waterfall which wasn’t even near a waterfall. It was more like only a “fall” 🙂


I had a wonderful weekend in this small canyon and thus it even earned a place on the pin map.

49.16115, 9.83984



9 thoughts on “Finally Canyon Raider

  1. Glad to hear someone else carries out the trash they come upon. I’ve taken to carrying a couple spare grocery bags. If I need to, I can clip one on my backpack and cart out any trash I see. I started doing this when I found two 40-ounce styrofoam drink cups along the trail, complete with straws and covers. I had to give up a hiking pole to my backpack to carry them out.

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      1. I didn’t mean to imply that I left the hiking pole there. I collapsed it and stuffed it in my backpack. I didn’t want to put the styrofoam cups in my backpack. 😀


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