Chakrata – Where serenity dwells.

This “view from the hotel” pic – dainty, dainty stuff. Just awesome.

Umesh Kaul

Memories of a weekend trip we made to escape the scorching peak summer heat of the Indian plains. We had heard about Chakrata and also that it is not too far off from the national capitol so we made our reservations to Dehra Dun by train. It is a short overnight journey and around 7 p.m. we were at Dehra Dun Railway Station.

1.jpg Scenic beauty of lower Himalayas enroute

We took a GMVN Taxi. It is the best option as they have fixed rates, are reliable and safe and their stand is just outside the station. Also, they only charge one way fare. About 100 Kms drive via Herbertspur costed us 1100 Rs [Approximately $16].

There were hardly any roadside dhabas or eateries and as we got closer to the place even the road wore a deserted look. One can easily realize that the road is less traversed and that…

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