Living on the edge

Have you ever asked yourself where these regions we always talk about end? Like where are the borders of the alps? Can we stand anywhere and say: “My left food is in there while my right one is not.”? I can’t really answer that question but I know that I’ve yet to see a clearer edge than that of the Swabian Alb.

As you hike towards the castle Lichtenstein, you’ll pass wonderful woods and meadows. It’s a perfectly natural landscape where you are able to just stroll straight to to your destination. You literally just have to follow your nose (of course after fixing your direction)!

After about half an hour, you should reach the edge of a big forest – you may want to get in touch with a local inhabitant, because the whole think is quite hard to overlook.  Cleave your way through it, until you find yourself on a small path. Here’s where the adventure begins: it really feels like you would walk on the border of these mountains. The right side drops precipitously (a little bit scary though) while the left side is just a more or less even landscape. 

As you try not to die (in relation to the slope) while following this path, you reach one “view point” after the other. This is the truly amazing part about this pin. It’s kind of a chain of rocks reaching out in the valley beneath their feed. Just sit on each of them and enjoy the gorgeous view! I can’t even describe how stunning it looks. The closest would be “dainty” though ;). Each spot provides exciting nature, the majestic castle Lichtenstein and every time another unique scenery – sometimes you are even able to see Stuttgart. And there are really plenty of them! Visiting each rock would take a whole weekend I guess.

Not that this would be amazing enough, the path alone is worth a hike. It winds around solid crags, tunnels rocks and has even some caves besides. Again, you may want to date a local person for dainty cave-knowledge and stuff.

Here’s the pin (Pin 2 – 48.41487, 9.26546). Inform yourself and get started – it’s worth everything!


Stay dainty! =)

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