Soggy gear reviewed

Got courage (finally)

I did it! Last Sunday I grabbed my balls and took my Grizzly out for a walk in the rain!

Do you know that feeling when you have new gear and don’t want to let anything near it? Like leaving the tin anti-scratch foil on your new smartphone? I felt the same way with my lovely Grizzly. It’s a bow like made for me, recommended by my archery idols. I refused to let any moisture near it even though I know that rain won’t really harm it – I said that to myself again and again as I carried him through the downpour.

The Gear

Back home again, I thought it would be a good idea to review my gear. What happened to it? Is it somehow broken? Did it perform well during the shoot? So, I’ll start here and describe a few remarkable points.

My Hat

I’ve a hat made out of wool felt. I was absolutely surprised how well it did in the rain. My head stayed completely dry and it somewhat served as an umbrella.  8072x

The feathers just needed a day to get dry again. Afterwards they were just as beautiful as before.

Dainty (quite obvious one :$) tip: blow against the feathers to get them fluffy with ease

Hung it up on the bow rack for a day and everything was dainty!

Da Arrowz

It was quite a hassle with the turkey feathers. As they got wet they bonded to the shaft. The arrows flew like crazy. I guess plastic vanes will work however. I try to get my hands on some and also dry powder and write about the outcome.

I left them in my quiver for the next two days. It takes really long to get the feathers fully loaded again. I think they were as dainty as usual after two and a half days.

The Bear

I was surprised how well the bow performed. I barely recognized any difference to a non-rainy shoot.

Just take care of two things. Make sure that you only use completely coated bows as the water can’t go inside the material. The second thing is that you should wax your string properly. As my string was waxed perfectly and the Grizzly is completely “painted”, I had no struggle with it.

However, one thing concerned my a little bit: the threads for the bow quiver.


They let the water easily flow into the bow. So, I thought it would be a good idea to unstrung and lay it down with the threads facing down. I let it in this position for a few hours. Afterwards I used a cotton swab to get it completely dry inside. Believe me or not, the cotton was indeed a little bit wet. After I’ve striped over every little bit of the inner hole, I laid it in the same position down again for the rest of the night.

I just wiped above the complete surface with a piece of cloth and strung it. I waxed the string, unstrung it again and laid it down the other side around. After a few hours I felt save to put him in his bag and to sleep in his rack again.

My Glove

My shooting glove was a disappointment. The leather was completely soggy after we had just finished half of the ranch. It was quite a bad feeling to shoot with it and as it got dry the material became kind of porous. I greased (leather grease for shoes) it over and over again and voilà felt nice again.

Stay dainty =)

Sorry, this post bored me somehow… I’ll try to improve it in the next couple of days.

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