The Jackalope Among The Pins

You may have never heard of “Bad Urach”. It’s a small village in southern Germany well known as a health resort. As my grandpa recovered from a surgery, we visited this lovely place and couldn’t miss the beautiful landscape around. What else should we’ve done than go for a hike on the Swabian Alb?

As we passed an old (quite cute) station, we just had to wander up the river. I can absolutely recommend this track to everyone, especially those who are not that mobile any more. It’s absolutely stunning and not really hardcore to complete. You see and hear this little (but quite wild) creek with its whirlpools here and there. Yes, you got this right, if you like to, you can easily take a bath in these spots.

Tip: You may want to take your swimsuits with you cause the path along the creek is quite crowded.

We recognized soon, that the stream gets more and more “chaotic”. At first it flows through different branches and finally it’s spread in uncountable trickles. You see the water passing fallen trees, stone formations and other stunning things before you can take your first glance of the waterfall itself! And it’s simply majestic! The beam squirts with an impressive power over the edge, hits a few stone platforms which spread it like a spoon in the sink, creates a curtain in front of the cave and finally fills a pond besides the foot of the cliff. You can’t even describe the feeling you get. Nobody could speak a single word in this moment.


After minutes of just standing and watching, we climbed further and further up the hill and finally arrived at the resting place where you can sip lemonade and enjoy the beautiful view. You overlook the whole valley pervaded by the small creek – it’s just amazing.

This place is so varied: you have the beautiful landscape, the stunning view and the majestic waterfall itself – a true jackalope among the Pins! It’s the first Pin and you can get its location here.

Stay dainty! =)

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