Hello World!

Hey there,

this blog is a place for everyone who needs inspiration or want to share an adventure. I’ve set it up in the last couple of days to create a space to write about my experiences, to see others’ and to create something unique. The idea is to show gorgeous places around the world – so called pins.

A pin is basically a blog-post. Yeah, it’s that simple. These are summarized in a category called “Pins” and describe a specific location anywhere in the world. The cool thing is: everyone can contribute! I’ll ask for yours from time to time in order to post them (anonymously or not – as you wish). If you’ve an urgent pin, you can – of course – contact me anytime and we’ll check it out.

Dainty Pins – a blog for people interested in the great outdoors! It’s especially good if you need some new inspiration for your trips.

If you want to be part of it just stay tuned! First posts will be there soon.


Stay dainty! =)

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